Five interesting facts about black cats

October 29, 2018

Europeans created bad rap

Somewhere during the Middle Ages, Europeans got the idea black cats were associated with witchcraft. The elderly, solitary women who often fed and cared for stray cats also were identified as witches and the cats as their conspirators.

A Halloween symbol

Because of the undeserved reputation described above, black cats have become a classic symbol of Halloween.

Some adoptions suspended

Some animal shelters will not allow adoptions of black cats immediately before Halloween. People have been known to use them as “living decorations” before abandoning them.

Green eyes common

Most black cats have green eyes, but some have blue or yellow, and their black coats make their eyes stand out beautifully.

No single breed

The Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizes 22 different breeds that can have solid black coats — including the Norwegian Forest Cat, Japanese Bobtail, Scottish Fold and the Bombay breed.

Source: list25.com