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Student Accused of Killing Two in School Shooting

November 16, 1995 GMT

LYNNVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ A high school senior took his rifle to school Wednesday to shoot teachers, an investigator said. He killed one, injured another and also killed a student who got in the way.

As screaming students fled in terror, 17-year-old Jamie Rouse was wrestled to the ground by another student and a teacher and held until police arrived at Richland High School in this rural community of about 400 people.

Michael Chapman, chief investigator for the Giles County sheriff’s department, refused to say why Rouse was angry at teachers, but noted that his grades began deteriorating about two years ago.


``His purpose of going in was to shoot teachers. That’s what he did and that’s what he intended to do,″ Chapman said. ``The little girl just got in the way.″

Rouse was charged with murder and attempted murder in the shooting that began with the school day.

Police said Rouse entered the school’s west wing and opened fire as he walked down a hall. After he was subdued, Thomas Jenkins, 18, and nine teachers held him until police came.

``Jamie was holding onto the gun for dear life,″ Jenkins said. ``He wasn’t trying to get away. He was just trying to hold the gun. He didn’t say one word.″

Killed were Carolyn Foster, 58, a business teacher, and Diane Collins, 16. Carol Yancey, 49, a science and math teacher, was shot in the head and hospitalized in stable condition.

Earlier, Rouse’s cousin, 16-year-old Beth Rogers, said he was angry with a girl over a minor traffic accident he had gotten into with the girl’s boyfriend. Neither was among those shot.

Rouse and the girl ``got into a fight yesterday and he told her he was going to kill her,″ Rogers said. ``My cousin, he’ll do it. That’s just the way he is.″

Also earlier, relatives had said Rouse was angry with his girlfriend and she was apparently his target. She was not injured.

About 1,400 students attend the high school and adjoining K-8 elementary school. Lynnville is 65 miles south of Nashville.