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Turbo Tuuli: New Portable AC Unit for Personal Air Cooling [Review]

July 30, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 30, 2020 - Turbo Tuuli is a portable air cooler that acts as a personal air conditioning unit that can start chilling a room its turned on within under one minute. The Turbo Tuuli Portable AC, found only at  TurboTuuli.com, has quickly jumped the charts this summer as one of the most in-demand personal air coolers because of its sleek design and high-tech features that offer all the advanced functionality a mini desktop thermoelectric AC can provide.

By now, as the season is in full swing, the summer is the time of the year where everything seems to come to life. The beautiful sunshine, the chattering of birds, and the mesmerizing blue skies are some of the things that embody the spirit of summer. It is almost the perfect period of the year except for the sometimes intense heat and dry winds which can make your life a bit difficult. But this should not be a problem if you can find a good, reliable and effective air conditioner. Talking of an effective air conditioner, there are numerous reasons why the trendy portable AC has become the hottest commodity this summer.


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Turbo Tuuli is a portable, adjustable, and simple to use air conditioner with the ability to filter dust particles and humidify the surrounding environment leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It is indeed the perfect device for individuals with rooms or spaces that are not climate controlled or areas that don’t get enough airflow. It is also ideal for buildings or houses with small windows that cannot fit a standard-sized AC window unit. Here are some of the things you need to know about this device in a short and sweet Turbo Tuuli review.

Best Features of the Turbo Tuuli

Right from the jump, a look at and inside the newly released portable Turbo Tuuli air cooler will give consumers a  grandiose yet granular review of how the personal AC works  and has to offer:

Portability: Turbo Tuuli unlike the other large and stationary AC, is completely portable – thanks to its cord-free operation and moderate size. This means that you can move it from one room to another without much hustle. It contains a type-C charging cable that enables you to charge it wherever you are.


Adjustability: Apart from portability, Turbo Tuuli also boasts of three fan speeds in addition to an adjustable louver that helps to guide airflow. With this function, you can adjust the cooling level to your preference.

Design: Another noticeable thing about this device is that it has a magnificent, stylish, and modern outlook that can blend in well with any modern interior decor. So, you don’t have to worry about the looks and the effect it’ll have on your office or home appearance.

Simple to use: With the cordless operation, Turbo Tuuli operation simplicity is second to none. It doesn’t have a refill tank and therefore, all you need to do is to pour water directly into the unit for a satisfying and humidifying breeze.

Sturdy base: Another feature that makes this product stand out is its broad and sturdy base which makes it stable and less likely to fall causing accidents.

Humidifying abilities: One of the most impressive features that make Turbo Tuuli different from the traditional air conditioners and air fans is its humidifying abilities. Turbo air conditioner works by adding moisture to the air making it humid which in turn helps to prevent your nasal passages, eyes, and skin from irritation and dryness.

Noise-free: This air conditioner gives optimum comfort to the owner by releasing cool humid air that feels almost like a cool ocean breeze. The air cooler and the fan, doesn’t create any mechanical noise. The sound that is produced is less than 40DB, which makes it an exceptional choice for the summer.

Cost-effectiveness: This AC uses water to make air cold and is chargeable which means you don’t have to pay much on electricity bills. Moreover, you can further save energy by adjusting the settings to low fan power.

Technical specifications for Turbo Tuuli

  • Powerful energy supply with chargeable batteries
  • Type-C charging cable
  • 2 in 1 feature; – serves both as a cooler, and humidifier
  • Has 3-speed adjustable fan speed
  • Soundless technology

How it works

Turbo Tuuli air conditioner borrows its working principles from nature in that it takes in hot dry air and converts it into clean, moist, and cool air by using the Peltier Effect. It also relies the natural principle of evaporation. It doesn’t use Freon or any other chemicals which is a clear indication that it is not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly. It adds moisture to the hot air to make it cool and humid. Its 3-fan speed options offer awesome customary suitability to users who want high, medium, or low airflow.

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How to use Turbo Tuuli

As stated earlier, this AC doesn’t have a water tank, and therefore, the first thing you need to do before you use it is to pour water directly on the top part of the unit. The next step is to insert the replaceable curtain into the device. The curtain is meant to last roughly around 6 to 8 months after which it requires replacements. After you have inserted the curtain, the last step is for you to turn it on enjoying the cool and relaxing air. As you can see, it is a simple and smooth process that doesn’t demand a lot in regards to input and energy. To ensure that you don’t run low on battery, ensure that the device is fully charged before switching it on.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Pro: Affordability

Turbo Tuuli air conditioners are more affordable compared to the standard air conditioners and HVAC. It is the true definition of plug and play, and therefore, you can easily switch it on and off without too much hustle. They also use less electricity compared to the static air conditioners which subsequently means low utility bills

Con: Relatively low functionality

Most huge and stationary ACs have filters that serve as air purification mechanisms. Others also have thermostats and dehumidifiers meaning that they offer more functions, but users  will be surprised that the Turbo Tuuli portable air cooler  also can humidify and purify the air around the unit. However, the flip side of it is that it uses transient air to cool down the room which means, if the air quality is poor, it will move the bad air around the room. By doing so, these kinds of conditioners can easily cause respiratory issues and allergies.

Pro: Targeted usage

Another good thing about this device is that you can easily redirect it in any direction you want. For example, if you want a direct breeze to your feet or face, you can easily do that. This is unlike the normal air conditioner which although can serve all rooms at the same time, doesn’t allow for targeted use.

Cons: Its inability to serve the whole house or rooms at once.

Why should you buy the Turbo Tuuli AC?

Besides the fact that it is affordable, environmentally-friendly, and saves energy, and does all these without the use of any chemical, it also helps in humidifying the surrounding environment. Additionally, it is easily portable, has 3-speed adjustable controls, and is aesthetically beautiful. It is also simple to use and doesn’t require much maintenance. Other amazing features that will compel you into buying this great product is its functionality (2 in 1) and lightweight nature, which makes it efficient and easy to carry.

Final word

The word Tuuli means “wind”, and thus the Turbo wind portable air cooler is one of the most sought out personal AC units to use this summer amid a hot and humid climate with extreme temperature spikes on the horizon this upcoming few months. In conclusion, William Nordhaus (Economist), in his research findings, noted that; the people operating and living in cooler climates achieved 12 times more economic productivity compared to the people living in hot and dry climates.

Whether this is insignificant or not, most people will agree with me that overheating or higher temperatures can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, and lethargy.  All this can be solved with Turbo Tuuli air conditioner, which can help make the environment cool and more relaxing.

Moreover, the fact that Turbo Tuuri releases moist air back to the environment, which helps in preventing irritation and drying of nasal passages, eyes, and skin, – makes this device a must-have machine. The three easy steps of adding water, inserting the replaceable curtain and switching it on, is all that is required to enjoy the 2 in 1 air humidifier and air cooler machine. Other features that make it worth having are the; rechargeable batteries, the three cooling fan modes, charming modern outlook, and energy-saving properties.

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