Kelly Rowland wants more children

August 12, 2017

Kelly Rowland wants another child.

The ‘Kisses Down Low’ hitmaker - who has two-year-old son Titan Jewell with her husband Tim Witherspoon - would love to add to her brood but is waiting until she puts a new lot of music out.

Asked if she wants more children, she said: “I do want to have another one, but not right now. I have a record to put out.”

The couple try and spend as much alone time together as they can but she admits their date nights are always over sooner than expected when Titan cries.

She added: “It’s really hard, but Titan has to be asleep. That always helps. When there’s silence in the house after everything is at a calm then I can probably get out there. If I hear him crying or talking or he’s at my foot, ‘Mommy!’ It’s over. There will be no date night.”

And Kelly enjoys spending time with Titan too.

She told Us Weekly magazine: “We do everything together! We go to the park. He’s learning to swim. He’s just awesome. I’m having a good time with him.”

Meanwhile, Kelly recently revealed her two-year-old son is already bilingual.

She said: “He is fluent in Spanish. I’d like for him to start French. My nephew actually speaks French. And we’re looking forward to, hopefully, a Diego birthday party. A Diego-themed birthday party. We’ll see what happens.”

And Kelly likes to get “mummy advice” from Beyonce.

She said: “She’s an incredible mother. I watch her with her daughter and I get such great mummy advice from her. I get great mummy advice, of course, from Solange who’s raising an incredible young man, Jules. I’m just so blessed to have a great circle of great sisters. My mummy circle is really fly.”