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Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the brass it takes to raise our rates yet again and then continue to overtly censor the content of cable programs. Not too many would have the gall!

Onions to the desk clerk for lying and saying a guest threatened you. You have falsely accused far too many people already. Karma always catches up with liars.

Orchids to Merry Maids, staff and owner, for nearly a decade of excellent service along with going above and beyond. BM

Onions to the State Patrol on the Lake. I was enjoying lunch at Rotary Park and watched you pull two kayaks in and actually write them a ticket for no life preserver. A simple friendly warning and asking them to get the protection would have sufficed.

Orchids to the onion on snow birds, saying we local don’t know the hand that feeds them, love the doves that appreciate this town and the locals that make it happen, done with the peacocks, fanning their tail feathers.

Onions to the older front desk woman who handed a crying woman her pet’s last paw print and gleefully said “Have a nice day” as she walked out. I know you are used to saying it, but have some empathy. Our hearts are broken.

Orchids to traffic circles; they would solve a lot of traffic problems in town. They work great elsewhere, but not sure the locals could catch on to it!

Orchids to the new chef Phil at Octane Wine Bar for the best Cheddar-Beer soup our group has ever tasted; onions for not sharing his recipe. Just kidding.

Onions to the ignoramus regarding metal wine caps; some of the best and most expensive wines have metal caps. I suppose you hate the artificial corks too, don’t comment on thing you know nothing about.

Orchids to the litter children who filed into Our Lady of the Lake Church on Ash Wednesday. So quiet, and pious. Beautiful! Awesome! From WI

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