Candidate Q&A: Edgerton City Council, District 1

March 26, 2019 GMT

A seven-term incumbent (I) faces a challenger for for the District 1 seat on the Edgerton City Council. The term is for two years.

Matt McIntyre (I)

Age: 61

Address: 3 Mechanics St.

Family: Engaged

Job: Goodin Heating and Plumbing Co.

Prior elected office: Five-term mayor of Edgerton, seven-term City Council member

Other public service: Former city representative to the Edgerton Chamber of Commerce

Education: Graduate of Edgerton High School, attended UW-Whitewater, UW-Rock County and Blackhawk Technical Institute

Email: mattbrianmcintyre@gmail.com


Sarah E. Braun

Age: 33

Address: 112 W. Fulton St.

Family: Not married

Job: I own a small creative marketing company, and I work with companies in the sustainable materials industry (bioplastics, renewable materials, etc.)

Prior elected office: None

Other public service: Heritage Preservation Commissioner, Historic Preservation Commission for the City of Edgerton since 2017

Education: Master’s degree in sustainable business management with a focus in sustainable tourism, American University of Paris; graduate studies in art conservation at the University of Applied Sciences in Southern Switzerland (Lugano); bachelor’s degree in fine art with a minor in history, Monmouth College

Website: www.sustainedgemarketing.com


What makes you better qualified than your opponent for this position?

McIntyre: I have a lot of experience doing good things for Edgerton and its citizens and businesses and keeping the city safe. I was born in Edgerton and plan to stay here my whole life. My parents and grandparents were here their whole lives also. I am committed to continuing doing good things for our city with jobs, recreational and shopping opportunities. I enjoy being on the city council. I bring dedicated, experienced leadership moving Edgerton forward.

Braun: I am a team player who works well with others. I share the same goal as existing city officials and want what is best for our great community to thrive. I also bring a fresh outlook to the table and can pull from my knowledge, expertise, and experience abroad to put Edgerton on a path for growth and innovation.

What is the most pressing issue facing your city and how would you address it?

McIntyre: Keeping our city moving forward, attracting more jobs for our citizens, maintaining our current excellent businesses and attracting more wonderful businesses. Keeping our standard of living at an affordable living rate. As an experienced council member I’m totally committed to putting in all the time and energy necessary to keep our great city moving forward. That’s my pledge. It’s an honor.


Braun: There is a great deal of concern about improving city infrastructure, which would be top on my priority list to address if appointed to the council. I also believe Edgerton is a place for growth, and would focus energies on projects geared towards business and economic development for the area.

What’s one new way the city could keep property taxes in check?

McIntyre: Attracting more tourism dollars is a way to boost our economy. More money coming into our system helps keep our taxes in check. I have been promoting this. We need to slow down on some of our outside consulting services. This costs a lot of money. We can do more things in-house with the talent we have, which is less expensive overall.

Braun: The tax rate for 2019 has already decreased in respect to 2018, due to increased value assessment coupled with 2 percent growth city-wide. Continuing to add value to the city requires initiatives that bring new businesses and jobs to the area, ultimately bringing in new residents to generate revenue. Sustainable community growth is key to keeping the tax rate in check.