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Dawson-Bryant students livestream football games to learn about broadcasting

September 6, 2018 GMT

COAL GROVE, Ohio — Dawson-Bryant high school students are learning to livestream and record Hornets football games on the school’s Facebook page.

“Right now they’re doing football,” said Dawson-Bryant Superintendent Steve Easterling. “They might be able to branch out to other sports later.”

Dean Mader, Dawson-Bryant High School principal, said the new program gives students a chance to get into college broadcasting programs.

“It’s really neat they’re getting into livestreaming,” Mader said. “We’re always looking for a way to let students grow and get more hands-on experience.”

“We’re going to home games right now,” said Tyler Waller, a high school technology teacher. Ohio regulations won’t let the students livestream away games, but they are recorded and put on Facebook later that day, he said.

The students will get the chance to livestream home football games, he said.

Waller has 10 students involved in the program and the high school has two wireless cameras it uses to catch the game action.

“I’m always looking at ways to make classes more hands on,” Waller said. “This is something they can add to their resume. The students just took off and ran with this.”

The first game against River Valley was done without announcers, but two students will be broadcasting future games, Waller said.

“I’ve only heard positive reactions to this,” said Jason Plaster, 14, a Dawson-Bryant freshman. “I’ve been interested in video production for three years now. I wanted to get involved in this. I think everything went smoothly” the first time out.

“It seemed like something interesting to do,” said Kody Reynolds. “We got some good camera angles and some good shots.”

Isaiah Adams, 16, a high school junior, said he worked with the camera at the first game. “I liked doing it,” Adams said. “I was very interested in working behind the livestream.”