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Woman sentenced for attack on ex-husband

April 13, 2019 GMT

Tom Labrosse has forgiven his ex-wife for trying to kill him.

“The minute I forgave her, my recovery improved over 300 percent,” he said Friday after Shannon D. Labrosse was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

She pleaded guilty last month to attempted murder, admitting she tried to suffocate her ex-husband in February 2017. She also beat him with a hammer.

Allen Superior Court Judge David Zent accepted a plea agreement with prosecutors calling for a cap of 30 years.

“She deserves every single moment of that,” Allen County Deputy Prosecutor Tasha Lee told the judge. “She deserves more than that.” 


Shannon Labrosse, 41, has 11 felony and 18 misdemeanor convictions, including conversion, battery and theft. Attempts to rehabilitate her, including work release and home detention, have failed, Lee said.

Tom Labrosse : who has multiple sclerosis : was sitting in a recliner in his living room when his ex-wife placed a plastic bag over his head. He tried to get away, but she hit him with a glass jar and then the hammer, police said.

He was left with a broken finger, broken ribs and cuts to the head. He told police it seemed as though he had been struck 60 times.

Lee showed the judge photos of Tom Labrosse after the attack. “Quite shocking,” the judge replied.

Outside the courtroom, Tom Labrosse said: “I don’t believe a killer attacked me. I believe a drug-crazed lunatic did.”

Shannon Labrosse’s lawyer, Mark Thoma, told the judge his client has a significant history of mental illness, but has accepted responsibility. When asked if she had anything to say, Shannon Labrosse said she was sorry.

She had planned to rely on an insanity defense, but doctors determined she was competent to stand trial. Charges of aggravated battery, domestic battery and strangulation were dismissed in exchange for her guilty plea.

The February 2017 attack was the second time Shannon Labrosse hit her ex-husband with a hammer.

In 2011, when they were still married, she struck him repeatedly in the head with a hammer while he was in bed. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in that case.

“I believe as a person 30 years is too much, but she needed to accept responsibility,” Tom Labrosse said after the sentencing.

Her guilty plea, the judge said, was more of an “acceptance of reality as opposed to responsibility.”