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Karen Sable: Hunting should be ethical

January 20, 2019 GMT

Editor: Every year especially during deer archery season those of us who frequent the outdoors or who live and recreate in the wildland urban interface areas witness the same unethical and sometimes illegal activities. Road hunters driving around jumping out of their vehicles to kill game and people hunting within or very close to the quarter-mile boundaries of an ethical and sometimes questionably legal hunt. The animals they kill are so used to seeing humans that they do not even run, they just are not afraid and it is like shooting fish in a barrel not actually hunting. To those who push the limits and even trespass on private property not to retrieve an animal that they have hit but to kill one who has legal sanctuary on that property, without permission, are breaking the law. Please go drive out into the forest, then hike out into the woods to take wild animals, not community pets. Also, there was a recent outcry about the coyote killing contest that was eventually held. The organizer from Gilbert proudly posted the murders of 33 coyotes in the contest, in which children were encouraged to participate. Disgusting.


Karen Sable