Charlie Dent: Congress needs to act as more of a check on Donald Trump’s decisions

April 16, 2018 GMT

Rep. Charlie Dent said Monday that Congress needs to have more oversight on issues concerning President Trump, including to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

“It would be a self-destructive act to do that, and it would set off a political crisis,” Mr. Dent, Pennsylvania Republican, said on CNN, of Mr. Trump possibly firing the special counsel.

I do believe we should act and that is one area where we have made mistakes in Congress it is that we have not provide enough robust oversight on the president on some of these issues,” Mr. Dent said.

He added that it’s not just about the special counsel’s ongoing probe into the president’s 2016 campaign, but also on issues like trade, where many Republicans have voiced concern. Mr. Dent said there needs to be a bigger push to check the president.