$50,000 bond set for man accused of attempted homicide

March 7, 2018

JEFFERSON -- Jefferson County Branch II Circuit Court Judge William Hue on Monday afternoon set bond at $50,000 cash for a Whitewater man accused of trying to kill a Fort Atkinson hotel proprietor Feb. 24. The substantial cash bond was set for Mark A. Salgado, 50, of Whitewater during a 12-minute court appearance.

Salgado is charged with one count each of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, substantial battery and kidnapping/confinement of another person. All are felonies.

If Salgado were to post bail, conditions include that he have no contact with the alleged victim, a 57-year-old woman. He could have no presence at the Villa Inn in Fort Atkinson where the alleged crimes occurred and no possession of dangerous weapons. He could not possess any knives greater than 4 inches in length and nothing other than utensils designed for eating. He would have to maintain absolute sobriety, have no consumption or possession of alcohol and no presence in bars, taverns or liquor stores.

According to the criminal complaint in the matter, Salgado was charged in relation to an incident Feb. 24 at the Villa Inn on Whitewater Avenue in Fort Atkinson.

The complaint stated officers from the Fort Atkinson Police Department were dispatched to a call of a disturbance at the hotel during which they were told a female had been grabbed and taken into one of the rooms -- allegedly by Salgado.

“The caller advised that she could hear the female yelling for help and for someone to call the police and that there were several people trying to break into (the room),” the complaint stated.

Officers responded to the hotel and made contact with the caller who said the hotel owner’s wife had been assaulted, and she pointed to the room where the officers could hear a female subject crying inside the room. The woman was out of danger at that point and later received medical attention for numerous injuries, including a deep cut and bruises allegedly inflicted by Salgado.

Around that time, officers encountered Salgado, who was holed up in one of the motel rooms. He was armed with at least one knife. He refused requests to disarm and come out. He claimed he had been robbed and was retaliating against the woman. At that point, trained law enforcement negotiators from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department were called to the scene.

The injured operator of the hotel told investigators Salgado had arrived at the inn Feb. 23 and rented a room. On Feb. 24, sometime between 3:30 and 4 p.m., Salgado contacted the office requesting assistance in his room with his coffee maker. The woman went to the room, knocked on the door and Salgado answered. As the woman looked into the room from the hallway, she could see the TV stand was not in its usual place. She found this to be suspicious so she began to walk away. She made it about four steps before Salgado grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. She fell on her side, trying to catch herself with her hands. She stood up and Salgado continued holding her hair. The woman yelled for help and the police.

“Salgado began to strike her in the head and told her to ‘be quiet,‘” the complaint stated. “Salgado pulled her into his room and pulled out a ‘small-bladed’ knife, holding it in his hand and pointing it at her ... (The woman) grabbed the knife with her left hand and grabbed his arm with the other hand. She believed that Salgado was going to kill her, so she did everything she could to defend herself. While they were struggling, she could feel Salgado trying to force the knife closer to her body. Salgado told her multiple times to ‘be quiet’ while he was trying to stab her. Salgado told her to go into the bathroom, and she ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind her, barricading herself inside. She could hear people outside the room door in the hallway trying to get inside the room.”

While she was in the bathroom, Salgado broke the bathroom door and opened it. At the same time, the woman said she could see the exterior room door had been opened and people were trying to get into the motel room (to help her). Salgado saw this and began to stab himself in the stomach. The woman was then able to run out of the room.

“She believed that Salgado was going to kill her if she had not run from the room,” the complaint said.

As officers continued to try to negotiate with Salgado, they called him on his room phone. He told officers he was sorry for assaulting the woman.

After attempting further negotiations, the tactical response team discharged pepper spray into Salgado’s room through the window and breached his room door.

When Salgado was taken into custody by members of the SWAT team, he was covered in blood and injured. He was transported to the Fort Atkinson hospital emergency room and UW Hospital in Madison for treatment. He was later booked into the Jefferson County Jail.

“Searching the room, officers located a wallet containing a Wisconsin driver’s license issued to Mark Salgado,” the complaint stated. “Behind the door, they found a black jacket containing a utility knife in one of the pockets. On a coffee table, they located a laptop computer and power cord, along with a black, straight-blade knife that appeared to have blood on it. There was a suitcase located on the floor with a roll of duct tape and a package containing 100 feet of nylon rope. Inside the suitcase was a larger bundle of red rope. Inside a bed stand, they found another 2-foot section of red rope. Around the room, they located four bottles of alcohol ... There was a large amount of blood by the door and all over the room. The sheets were blood-stained and blood was smeared on various items around the room.”

If convicted on all three charges, Salgado could be sentenced to more than 103 years in prison and fined as much as $110,000.

He is next scheduled in Jefferson County Circuit Court March 23 for a preliminary hearing.