Trump fans

November 27, 2018

After reading the Journal’s article (Sunday, 11/18) about the local family being big Trump fans, I felt I had to respond. As I made my way through the comments made by the three, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Most of their claims had very little basis in reality.

For example, they talked about wanting to “see the country return to its former glory.” If they were talking about a time when our country was far more respected by the rest of the world, we just need to go back a few years, to when Obama was president. But, shouldn’t we move forward instead of backward?

They also said, “He [Trump] brings God back to this country.” Trump? Really? A man who said that he has never asked God for forgiveness? A man who preaches disdain for the poor and for people who are different? Trump only brings up God when it helps him get support. He certainly does not preach the Gospel of Jesus. Trump is his own god.

“Trump is not changing anything [about immigration]. He’s just trying to enforce what’s there.” Trump has introduced many executive orders, later declared illegal, to bring about his own form of immigration law. He is illegally trying to stop people who are legally seeking asylum here.

“He’s having people wake up and think for themselves.” Trump counts on people NOT thinking for themselves, but just believing everything that he says, without question. His tweets and speeches are full of lies, and too many Americans accept his nonsense blindly.

“We need to wake up and shine up our knowledge of the Constitution.” This one I agree with! We need to better understand our Constitution so that we can recognize all the ways that Trump is disregarding it. He has often tried to sidestep the First Amendment by controlling the press. He does not seem to understand (or support) due process, voting rights, and the role of Congress in approving his appointments.

“Now we have to have somebody that’s bold.” There’s a big difference between being “bold” and being a narcissistic bully. Insults and lies are not boldness, they are childishness. We don’t need a president who speaks his mind when his mind is just full of misinformation and hatred.

“If the TV stations stopped picking out those little thorns to feed to people, they wouldn’t even realize he’d said that.” Big problem here: we, the people, need to realize what ANY elected official says! It is the JOB of the media to keep the public informed, of both the good and the bad. Maybe this is why some people still support Trump: they don’t want to listen to what he is really saying.

“Another of Trump’s appeals… is his caring nature. ‘I feel that he cares equally about our entire country, even those that hate him.’” This was the most ridiculous statement that was made. Trump insults and swears at those who criticize him! He tries to silence reporters who point out his mistakes. He encourages his supporters to attack his critics! His only “caring nature” is directed toward himself.

I could go on and on. Trump has made our country a laughing stock around the world and our freedoms are being challenged by his ridiculous actions and words. America needs to stand up to this man who is ruining our country, not just follow him blindly.

Eric Rude,


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