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Letter: Football coach expresses regret

August 12, 2018

To the editor,

I resigned as head football coach at Westhill High School. After giving this much thought, I want to clarify statements that I made to the press with respect to my resignation. It was an emotional situation and unfortunately some of the public comments were the result of my letting my emotions get the best of me. I regret if I offended anyone or if some feel that I may have crossed any lines with anything that was said publicly. It was not my intent to offend anyone.

With that said I want to be clear that I wish nothing but success to all of those involved in the Westhill Athletic Program including new Athe.tic Director Dick Cerone and its new head football Coach, Joseph Devellis. I am saddened to leave this position at Westhill and I certainly will miss the kids and my colleagues.

Frank F. Marcucio, III, served as Westhill High School’s football coach for six years.