Evers needs to stand up to his base -- Richard Wood

March 3, 2019

It has become evident that the policy of the new governor is to just say “no” -- except for new taxes. His inability to think critically is probably due to spending too much time around the public education system.

With complex issues at hand, his only skills appear to be negative. Why pull the few troops that we have helping secure our nation’s southern border. Is this strictly political, or just another opportunity to say “no”? I think it is both.

Gov. Tony Evers has the thankless task of appeasing his base in Madison and Milwaukee and trying to serve all the people of Wisconsin. Why would we want to make it any easier for the thugs, gangs and drugs to make their way north?

It is time for the governor to grow a spine and do what is right for all of Wisconsin, not just what is easy.

Richard Wood, Cottage Grove

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