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Dahmer, In Court, Describes Killings

April 6, 1993 GMT

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ Jeffrey Dahmer testified Monday that he injected acid into a Laotian boy’s brain, listened for his heartbeat and then took pictures of the corpse before he dismembered it.

The testimony came in a deposition for a lawsuit filed by the family of Konerak Sinthasomphone, one of 17 young men and boys Dahmer admitted killing. The family is suing the city and three officers who confronted Dahmer just hours before he killed the 14-year-old boy.

Dahmer, who is serving 15 consecutive life sentences, entered the federal courtroom with his arms and legs shackled. His hair was matted, and he had gained weight since his sentencing in February 1992.

Many of his answers to more than an hour of questioning by three attorneys were terse, limited to one- or two-word phrases, like ″that’s right″ or ″occasionally.″

Attorney Robert Slattery, who represents Sinthasomphone’s family, asked Dahmer why during his 13-year killing spree, only some of his sexual urges moved him to kill.

″I’d like to know the reason for that too,″ Dahmer replied. ″I don’t know.″

Dahmer later described how, after drugging his victims, he would drill a hole into their skulls ″just enough to open a passageway to the brain. It was not a large hole. It was very small.″

He said he then injected a diluted hydrochloric acid to put them into a ″zombie-like state.″ In Sinthasomphone’s case, he said it was a ″state where he would be willing to follow my orders and not want to leave.″

Two of the police officers being sued, Joseph P. Gabrish and John A. Balcerzak, were fired after they failed to property investigate when they encountered Dahmer and the boy in an alley in May 1991.

Despite a neighbor’s insistence that Sinthasomphone was a boy, Dahmer convinced the officers the boy was his adult lover and the two had a spat. The officers led the naked and dazed boy back to Dahmer’s apartment, where the body of another victim lay in the bedroom.

Dahmer said within an hour after police left, he injected acid into the boy’s skull a second time and ″that’s what killed him.″

″I listened for a heartbeat right after I injected him and there was none,″ Dahmer testified. ″I wasn’t trying to kill him but that’s what happened.″

He said he then took pictures of the corpse. When asked if he remembered dismembering the body and preserving the skull, Dahmer replied, ″Yes.″

Dahmer killed four others before he was caught July 22, 1991. Police found human skulls, severed heads and other body parts in his apartment.