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November 12, 2017

Three GOP tax lies

Republicans are spouting lies about the proposed Trump “tax cut.” The tax plan is being rammed through Congress now — Wisconsin style — no debate/no delay. The proposed new tax code is wrapped in three big lies.

1. The Trump tax plan is not a tax cut, but instead a tax increase for many middle class wage earners and retirees. For example, the Trump plan will raise my family’s federal tax bill by over $1,300 in 2018 and raise my 92-year-old mother’s tax bill. Why? Itemized deductions for medical costs, state income tax, auto taxes, and personal exemptions will be eliminated. Trump’s bill forces Minnesotans to suffer double taxation, hurts folks with medical bills and discourages charitable donations. Many middle class wage earners and retirees who itemize will pay more.

2. Republicans will actually transfer a trillion dollars in real tax cuts to corporations and wealthy people. The GOP bald face lie is that the trillion dollars will trickle down to wage earners. President Bush called this idea voodoo economics when it was last proposed. David Stockman, who invented “trickle down economics,” admits today he lied. He admits the GOP’s tax cuts just shifts tax payers money to the most wealthy people and corporations.

3. The biggest lie of all is the Republican Party’s end game. Republicans say the cuts in taxes will fix the federal budget. That’s a cynical lie. The GOP’s real plan is to cut tax revenues to trigger a Federal Government bankruptcy. Then, when we’re broke, the GOP can claim we have no choice but to cut Social Security payments, Medicare and all federal spending to the bone. Imagine deeper cuts to Medical Care, Roads, Research Science, the Farm Bill, NASA and perhaps even the Department of Defense.

Please call Republicans and tell them you know their claims are a pack of lies. Tell Republicans you won’t let them cheat you again. Fight the GOP tax plan.

Sigurd Scheurle, Winona