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Building Trump’s wall, one pornographic video at a time

January 22, 2019

An Arizona state representative has come up with a novel way to pay for construction of President Trump’s border wall in Arizona impose a pornography tax.

Rep. Gail Griffin, a Republican, wrote legislation that would have internet service “distributors” block access to offensive material. Customers wishing to view the material would have to pay a $20 fee to the state remove the block in addition to whatever the provider charges.

The twist is that all money the state collects would go to a new anti-human trafficking fund, named after the late Sen. John McCain, with the money to be spread among grants to law enforcement, protection of victims of trafficking, and building “a border wall between Mexico and this state.”

While that funding idea may be unlikely to gain traction, Mr. Trump earlier this month did suggest he could ask states to step up and help construct his wall plans, should Congress refuse to cooperate.

Traveling in Texas, he said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had said Texas could use federal money to carry out construction.

“I like that idea, so we’ll take a look,” Mr. Trump said at the time.