Russia is Emboldened, U.S. is Weakened

September 11, 2018 GMT

What do you think of the Russian military exercises off the coast of Syria while isolating the remaining Syrian population in the town of Idlib? The Russians are going to annihilate everyone in Idlib. The United Nations, United States and Israel will do nothing but bear witness to the extinction of Idlib. Once again, it demonstrates the brazen aggression of Russia in seizing and occupying land at will around the world. This is to facilitate Russian imperialistic/capitalistic moves to take over the entire world politically and economically. Ironically, it sounds a bit like what the United States calls foreign policy.

With Trump in office, Russia doesn’t need to occupy the United States geographically. Vladimir Putin has been very successful undermining our better moral instincts and judgments. Through his bout barrages and other online attacks, Putin has weakened our American will while the ever disgraceful Trump wraps himself in his words and the American flag.

With Syria, Russia is establishing a strategic toehold in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the U.S. embassy in Iraq -- the largest, most expensive ever built -- will become a lavish Trump golf resort.