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Despite everything, 2017 was a good year

December 31, 2017

What a year it has been.

Frankly, just between you and me, I hope next year is as good for the Peytons as 2017 was.

Yes, 2017 has been good. I look out in my yard and the deer are looking back. The birds, especially the woodpeckers, cardinals and nuthatches, are perusing the “table” my wife and I set for them. That makes them and us happy.

Bandita, our outdoor cat who adopted us recently, in addition to our indoor cats, George and Sophie Tucker, bring us pleasure. As insane as the world seems to be, nature and her animals are still in charge.

Thank goodness the people pleading for a local snowstorm aren’t in charge. There are some of us, you know, who find it hard to navigate even in perfect weather. Snowstorms maroon us in our own homes while these jokers wish for heavy snow. It sometimes gets under my skin until I remember they have zero control over the weather, though they may be meteorologists, I sometimes let the things going on in America bother me too much. That began before the ball dropped on this year. When Donald Trump announced he would run, I never suspected he would win.

When he told us what he enjoyed doing to women while talking locker room talk, I thought it would be the end of him and his plan to be worshiped as the president of the United States.

Then he won and his plan to become emperor was complete.

But the day after he was elected, I woke up to a good breakfast and our wild animals still availing themselves of the goodies in our yard.

Nothing changed in my life. My plan to spend my last dollar on my last day on this earth was still in place. This despite the fact the emperor was attempting to make me a poor person. He and his cronies in Congress want my money. Some of the rich intend to get richer at the expense of the little people. Fortunately the Constitution is keeping them at bay and I believe it will continue to keep them away for a while — at least until I move on.

I will admit his lies used to bother me. Big whoppers, bigger and uglier than his predecessor’s.

Imagine a newly elected president stating categorically that the largest crowd in the history of inaugurations were at his when the pictures of the celebration proved him to be an outright liar.

What followed was lie after lie after lie, bald-faced lies from which he never retreated even though he was proved to be a liar again and again.

I could become glum easily if I dwelled on the knowledge that the majority of voters in the state where I was born voted for the emperor, continues to support him and will likely sweep his supporters to victory in 2018.

Our billionaire governor, apparently enamored of the emperor or at least wants to believe him, changed from Democrat to Republican just to get closer to him. Even our Democrat senator appears to occasionally kowtow to him. Amazing.

I have never felt more disassociated with my home. I can’t believe Mountain Mama’s naive children. To believe the emperor is to ignore the obvious.

In any event, follow my advice and have a happy 2018.

In the words of Spock “Live long and prosper.”

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