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Police arrest three people on drug-related charges

January 17, 2019

Pocatello police have arrested three people on drug-related charges in recent days.

They took Kristine E. Smith, 31, and Douglas M. Michaelson, 41, into custody for possession of a controlled substance on Friday.

Police say they initially made contact with Smith and Michaelson, who were located in a vehicle, during a welfare check. At that time, both individuals were allegedly found in possession of heroin. Smith also reportedly had methamphetamine.

In another incident on Monday, police arrested Devon G. Arias, 19, while responding to a disturbance.

They initially took Arias into custody because there was a warrant out for his arrest. During a subsequent search, police said they found him in possession of paraphernalia that had residue, which appeared to be methamphetamine, on it.