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‘It’s extremely hot, sweaty’: Residents anxiously await power in Wayne County

September 17, 2018
Wayne County residents
Wayne County residents

As of Sunday night, streets remained dark in the Belfast neighborhood in Wayne County.

Residents in the area said they had been without power since Thursday.

“It’s extremely hot, sweaty. It’s actually miserable. You can’t sleep,” said Joe Parrish, who lives in the area. “The toilets are backing up. You can’t flush the toilets anymore. So, it’s getting pretty bad, and we’re supposed to be getting more rain than that.”

Sherrie Stokes with the Salvation Army has been delivering meals to those in need.

“We’re going door to door to each person, knocking on their doors and asking if they’re had a hot meal,” she said. “What we understand is it’s been three and four days. They haven’t had any food.”

Stokes said it’s a blessing, to her, to be able to help others.

“When you see people when they’re at their lowest, when they don’t have power, they stink because they don’t have showers, and you can just give them that simple piece of hope, a hot meal, that is humbling,” she said.

Power crews have been working to get the power back on, but they did not have a time that it might be restored.

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