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Liquor-Filled Candies Can’t Be Sold in Kansas Grocery Stores

October 29, 1986

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ Liquor-filled chocolates should be sold in liquor stores, not supermarkets, the state attorney general has decided.

In an non-binding opinion, Attorney General Robert T. Stephan said Tuesday that fillings of vodka, rum or other alcoholic beverages make such chocolates liquor products.

″By deciding this issue as I have, these liquid-filled chocolates will not be available for purchase by children,″ Stephan said.

A California candy company had asked the state Alcoholic Beverage Control division what it thought about selling the chocolates in grocery stores. ABC Director John Lamb asked Stephan to decide the question.

″If we can sell them in liquor stores, we will sell them in liquor stores,″ Claude Douessin, plant manager for Very Special Chocolates Inc. of Azusa, Calif., said Wednesday.

Douessin, a French citizen, said he was disappointed by the ruling. He said the candy is sold without problem in Canada and Europe.

Douessin said about 15 states allow the sale of the candy, and the question is under review in several other states.

Most of the states where the chocolates are marketed allow their sale in grocery stores, while Oregon and Washington restrict the product to state- governed liquor stores, the company said.

Sid Udashkin, vice president for sales at Morris International Inc., the marketing arm for Very Special Chocolates, said someone who ate large amounts of the candy probably would get sick from too much chocolate before becoming drunk on the liquor.

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