The future of journalism discussed at Community Conversation

October 17, 2018

NORFOLK - The Cox Activities Center theatre on the campus of Northeast Community College didn’t have very many empty seats Tuesday night for a Community Conversation largely organized and sponsored by the Norfolk Daily News.

The conversation hit on the topic of “An Issue of Trust: The future of journalism and its impact on democracy.”

Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post, Clark Kauffman of The Des Moines Register, and Omaha World-Herald Retiree Frank Partsch gave opening and closing remarks as well as answered questions from the public.

Partsch said news consumers need to look at different news stations to get both sides of a particular story from each reporter’s angle.

“I’ve worked with a lot of reporters over the years and I knew their politics. I think I can honestly say that I could very seldom look at their work and say here is someone who is shading the story for his or her side. I think there’s a sense of integrity, no matter what your politics are, to do a fair and honest job.”

All three speakers agreed that news consumers need to also read the full story and not just the headline as well as be mindful of sources cited in articles.