NRA-endorsed Screnock isn’t pro-life -- Paula Dent

March 7, 2018

Because he has a history of anti-choice activism, Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock did not get my vote in the spring primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Judge Screnock was arrested twice in 1989 for blocking access to a Madison abortion clinic. In one instance he had to be lifted from the ground and passively conveyed in a wheelchair to a police vehicle. He was ticketed both times for trespassing and obstructing officers. The citations were dropped after Screnock performed community service. He has since said, “In the context of my life, it’s not something I’ve ever regretted doing.”

Judge Screnock is endorsed by various anti-abortion groups, including Wisconsin Family Action and Pro-Life Wisconsin. The National Rifle Association is a major supporter.

“Michael Screnock will interpret our Constitution the way our Founding Fathers intended and has vowed to protect your firearms freedom,” according to an NRA statement. Wisconsin conservative groups Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and Wisconsin Alliance for Reform have contributed thousands in advertising dollars to electing Screnock.

A candidate who takes money from the NRA is not “pro-life.” Judge Screnock must not be elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Paula Dent, Madison