Newton singer Platten becoming female icon

August 23, 2017 GMT

Newton-raised singer Rachel Platten has been making the media rounds and man, she’s been pushing girl power.

The chanteuse, who’s most known for “Fight Song” and “Stand By You,” has been vocal about the last year’s political climate influencing her music.

“This year, I’ve personally witnessed so many beautiful examples of people coming together,” Platten wrote for a post on Refinery29.

“The electric energy of the Women’s March, with posters drawn in crayon by little girls, and hands held tightly by people of different generations, races, religions and backgrounds. International Women’s Day, with the red clothing that stood out against New York’s grey pavement like a raging fire, was equally inspiring.”

And as some sharp ears may recall, Platten’s “Fight Song” served as the official anthem for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Now, in response to all of the political happenings, Platten has released what she calls her “rallying cry of release,” the single “Broken Glass,” which she performed on “Good Morning America” Monday.

On a more personal level, Platten also channeled her own struggle to rise in the music industry while writing “Broken Glass.” Before making it big, the singer released three albums all on her own between 2003 and 2014.

It wasn’t until 2015 that a then-34-year-old Platten signed with Columbia Records, following years of people telling her she wouldn’t become a breakout artist because she was past her prime.

In addition to her new female empowerment anthem, Platten has just announced her partnership with the nonprofit foundation, I Am That Girl. The charity gives young gals a safe space where they can build up their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

So while Platten is working to increase girls’ sense of self-worth, we’re left to wait for her fourth studio album to drop.