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Vote for Chris Stevens as Bannock County Commissioner

September 5, 2018 GMT

The national November 6th election has been on my mind because media has been primarily covering national elections. However, none are so foolish as to believe our local elections can be neglected, are not important.

Here in Bannock County we need the same kind of leadership that the national positions require. Leaders should stand for the same strong attributes: quality education, affordable and accessible health care for all, sound economic policies which certainly means living- wage jobs for all people, unbiased fair taxes, putting people before politics which means listening to every voice.

Chris Stevens has a record of service to the arts, education and health care. She was part of the “army” that collected signatures to get the expansion of Medicaid eligibility on the ballot which is now Proposition 2 on the ballot. She has been a leader in education working in many positions. She believes you change communities for the better by including all cultures, races and philosophies. Chris is running for Bannock County Commissioner.

There have been women commissioners in the past which has been a healthy balance to the Board but they have been few and far between. We know a woman’s voice gives a perspective that is decidedly different and needed in the decision making process. Give change a chance. Vote for Chris Stevens as Bannock County Commissioner.

Virginia Kelly,