Police pursuing stolen Mercedes in Danbury

February 25, 2019

DANBURY — State police are in pursuit of a black 2014 Mercedes Benz out of Newtown that was reported stolen from the Danbury Fair Mall area this morning.

Volkswagen Emergency Services reported the stolen vehicle to police around 9:07 a.m.

Danbury police were asked not to stop the vehicle if seen because Newtown police wanted to “monitor it.” Newtown Police Department said it would be sending detectives to Danbury.

Around 9:19, however, a Danbury officer spotted the vehicle driving out of the mall parking garage. The officer told dispatch that the car didn’t “look like it’s going to stop.” Newtown police were contacted.

Newtown advises that if we can stop the vehicle, to go ahead and do so. Around that time, the car was headed out to Beaver Street.

As of 9:22, state police were pursuing the car.

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