Ludington’s O.J. principal job draws 21 applicants

January 16, 2018 GMT

Kristi Zimmerman has retired from her job as O.J. DeJonge Middle School principal and Ludington’s school board learned Monday about actions to find her replacement.

Middle school assistant principal Mike Hart is now serving as interim principal, with help from Ludington High School Assistant Principal Steve Forsberg, until the next middle school principal is hired.

Superintendent Jason Kennedy said he has already received 21 applications for the position. The job posting remains open until Wednesday.

Applicant interviews are expected to occur Monday, Jan. 22 and Tuesday, Jan. 23.

21st century schools

Also on Monday, the school board learned about plans being made for visits to Michigan schools that are home to students who are performing well.

Those visits are planned so local officials can study the use of space and teaching practices used in those schools.

That information will then be used when plans are developed for the best use of space and facilities in Ludington in the future.

The first visit is scheduled for Thursday, and includes schools in the Detroit area.

Future site visits are also scheduled for Jan. 29 and Feb. 6.


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