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White House won’t release Trump’s 2020 budget blueprint next week

January 29, 2019 GMT

The White House is going to miss the statutory deadline for the president to submit his annual budget proposal to Congress, as federal agencies grind back into gear following the longest-ever federal government shutdown.

The White House will not transmit President Trump’s budget next week, according to a senior Office of Management and Budget (OMB) official.

“OMB is working on a revised schedule and will provide additional information when it’s available,” the official said on Tuesday.

According to the Congressional Budget Act, the president is supposed to submit the budget blueprint to Congress on or before the first Monday in February, which is Feb. 4 this year.


Missing the deadline, though, has become common. President Obama missed the deadline on more than half of his budgets.

Congress is also supposed to pass an annual budget resolution by April 15 each year, but lawmakers routinely miss that target and there are no real penalties for blowing through it.

Budget resolutions are non-binding and congressional appropriators frequently ignore the priorities the White House lays out anyway.