DeKalb weed ordinance draft to get an additional revision before council consideration

March 3, 2018 GMT

DeKALB – An ordinance to loosen the restrictions on native plants still requires some tweaking before it is submitted to the DeKalb City Council for approval.

During Thursday’s Citizens’ Environmental Commission meeting, city staff members introduced a draft amendment to the ordinance that will modify regulations on native plants, which some residents grow for their environmental benefits. This has been a monthslong process for the commission which has had to submit and resubmit a proposal for the staff’s recommendation.

The draft largely was criticized for its unclear definitions regarding gardens and planned natural landscapes. In response, Public Works Director Tim Holdeman will meet with two environmental commission members before the next commission meeting to create a more clear and concise draft.

Holdeman said that public comments on the issue have indicated that there are a number of people in the community who strongly favor native plants and a number who are strongly protective of their property values and the need to have the appearance of their property well-kept. At the same time, any ordinance change must be one that is easily understood and enforced.

Therefore, any ordinance change recommended to the City Council must strike a balance between these interests to be passed, Holdeman said.