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6 companies chosen for Land O’Lakes program

September 14, 2018 GMT

ARDEN HILLS, Minn. — Six dairy companies have been selected to participate in the Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator, a program that tailored coursework and mentorship to dairy entrepreneurs.

To qualify for consideration, each company was required to utilize dairy as a primary ingredient in their products.

The participants are:

• Blue Marble Ice Cream, a New York company making organic ice creams and sorbets.

• Darling Pickle Dips, a Minneapolis company making cream cheese dips flavored with pickled vegetables, herbs and spices).

• Norr Skyr, an upstate New York company, offering Icelandic-style high-protein strained yogurt with Scandinavian flavors like sea buckthorn, gooseberry, elderflower and raspberry rosewater.

• Numa Foods makes milk-based chewy snacks infused with nuts and dried fruit.

• SmashPack makes protein fruit smoothie pouches and grass-fed pudding pouches.

• Tulip Tree Creamery produces specialty handcrafted cheeses and butter from milk that is sourced from family dairies in Indiana.

Throughout the three-month course, participants will meet with business mentors and will attend seminars focused on topics including finance, brand building, sales and leadership development.

The program will be held in the Twin Cities.