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Nutrisystem Reviews – Nutrisystem for Men Review, Cost and Promo Codes

May 20, 2020 GMT

Nutrisystem Reviews: This is not your typical diet plan that puts together recipes from different sources on the internet. Instead, this is an eating plan that is planned as per your individual preferences and weight requirements. The best part? This plan is devised by professionals who understand the intricacies of effective weight loss.

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Hence, you get a way to follow a meal plan with pre-calculated carbs and pre-made food that is delivered to your doorstep with zero shipping charges. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to learn more about how this plan can be the breakthrough you need in achieving your weight loss goals.

Weight loss is a tricky territory, particularly, if you try to wade your way through it all alone. The burning question, however, is – who should you trust? Online weight loss plans are a dime a dozen. Each one makes a solid claim and promises results like no other. This can leave your confused. But, choosing the right plan can make all the difference in your results. In this regard, an authentic diet plan, which can genuinely help you is Nutrisystem.


Nutrisystem Review: Nutrisystem is a helpful meal plan that delivers pre-made food to your house. This isn’t random food. Instead, these are six small meals that keep you nourished and set you on the path to weight loss. All food is prepared as per the unique plan you pick, which is what makes the program effective in showing you results.

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Rest assured, you wouldn’t feel energy deprived because the meal program is planned in a manner that it does three things. One, it keeps you full throughout the day. This way you won’t find yourself reaching out for snacks now and again.

Two, the program helps maintain steady energy levels, so you can go about doing regular business while heading steadily toward your weight loss goal on the side. And, three, the plan nourishes you such that each meal is planned in a way that you get balanced nutrition throughout the day.

The program also offers special Nutrisystem meals for men and patients of diabetes. This makes it an inclusive program as people with diabetes can also work toward losing their weight without having to compromise with their health. On top of that, a plan for men is also available, which means they get food that is prepped according to their unique metabolism and dietary needs.

What Makes Nutimsystem Meal Plans So Useful?


Here’s the truth: left to our devices, we rarely stick with a meal plan. This is, specifically, true in case of a plan that needs us to prepare diet-friendly foods. As a result, you don’t see the expected weight loss and most likely give up halfway through the weight loss plan.

With Nutrisystem diet plan though, your odds of success are high. This is because the friction in following this plan is limited. You don’t need to prepare any elaborate meals. You also don’t need to be counting calories and deciding which foods to add or exclude from your diet based on the nutrients you need to take.

All you have to do is pick a plan that suits your dietary requirements and enjoy the meals delivered to you. No spending hours in the kitchen. And, no head hurting calorie calculations. In fact, you don’t even need to prepare a diet chart to begin with.

Want another interesting bit? This plan offers you cheat meals including desserts and frozen foods that are all diet friendly. Not to mention, the variety of food offered is significant. This means you won’t feel bored. This also increases your chances of sticking with the meal plan.

If you’re worried about Nutrisystem cost, don’t be since the program offers three different plans to pick from. This automatically makes this meal plan a budget-friendly one.

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Programs Offered

Essentially, Nutrisystem is the main program, and it offers several other plans too. These help meet specific needs. Here is a look at the main meal plans available:

Nutrisystem D Plan

The Nutrisystem D Plan is a meal plan that is planned particularly for people living with diabetes type 2. Hence, the pre-packaged food that is delivered to you is one that is in alignment with your health condition. This helps you beat two birds with one stone – you shed extra, harmful weight and you manage your blood sugar levels too.

Note that the manufacturer promises that there are no side effects with the food delivered to you. In fact, all food is prepared in sterile conditions and is free from additives and any sort of synthetic components.

Nutrisystem Lean 13

The Nutrisystem Lean 13 program aims to help you shed 13 pounds and 7 inches in a month’s time. This is great considering you’d be losing weight by following a diet that is tailored to your diet requirements and food preferences.

Again, this plan is safe to follow and is open for everyone who is serious about losing weight. You get three options when it comes to pricing. These are the:

Uniquely Yours Deal: The plan offers you the largest range of available food items to choose from with unlimited access to frozen foods. It costs $11.96 per day.

The Core Plan: This one is for $10.54 per day and you get to pick from 100 options that extend over a four-week plan. Shipping charges are zero.

The Basic Package: Lastly, this is a starter deal that is only for $9.82 per day. You get pre-selected food items with this one.

Irrespective of the plan you pick, you will get the Lean 13 Turbo Take Off Kit, which will help you jump start your weight loss plan in the right direction.

Nutrisystem For Men Reviews and Cost

This third plan is Nutrisystem for men, as is clear from the name. It is planned as per their unique health, diet, and energy requirements. With this plan, men can lose up to 18 pounds and 8 inches in a month.

The diet plan is chalked out based on your body type, food preferences as well as after learning your weight loss goals. Therefore, you get a completely personalized meal plan with this program.

Food offered here is free from additives and sweeteners. Not to forget, it is high in protein and junk-free at the same time. You can also avail more options as you can pick a diabetes friendly meal plan or select vegetarian foods including vegetarian frozen foods.

Again, you can select from the following three packages under this program:

Men’s Uniquely Yours Ultimate: This plan offers you limitless food options. You also get 14 snacks on top of the breakfast, dinner, and lunch every week. The plan itself costs you $16.46 per day.

Men’s Uniquely Yours: This deal gives you a variety of 160+ foods plus snacks and frozen foods. The deal is priced at $13.93 per day.

Men’s Basic: This plan gives you the basic 100+ options. You get 10 snacks weekly with your regular dinners, breakfast, and lunches. As for pricing, this is the most reasonable among the three at $11.82 per day.

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What Does Each Plan Offer?

Each plan under Nutrisystem is based on three basic principles. These are:

Portion control: This way you take food that gives energy that is required by your body – nothing less and nothing more

Frequent meal: To keep your stomach full and your metabolism active, this meal plan divides your daily meals into six small meals that offer balanced nutrition

Balanced nutrients: Not only are the foods that you take calories calculated, but they are also packed with the right nutrients and nutrient combinations that you need

As a result of these measures, the following things happen. Firstly, your body’s gear shift into their weight loss mode. This is how this plan helps you lose up to 17 pounds at a time (month’s duration). Secondly, your energy levels are at their best as your metabolism is active, your hunger is satisfied, and the nutrients you are consuming are in the right balance.

Lastly, your metabolism speeds up. This is what is directly responsible for encouraging natural weight loss in your body and keeping you active throughout the day.

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Unique Features

Nutrisystem show several notable characteristics. Here are your options:

Free online support tools

With your order, you also get 24 hours access to the Nutrisystem’s free NuMi app alongside other online support tools that will keep you engaged in your weight loss plan. You can also get access to specialists.

Wide variety of food options

The good thing about this meal plan is that it can offer you as many as 160+ food options. This way you won’t get bored. Food delivered to you is also good tasting, which makes following the diet plan easier. What’s more, you get to pick from frozen foods and other cheat meals as well.

Makes weight loss a breeze

This is mainly due to the convenience this plan offers. You don’t have to do anything except place your order and you will get the food delivered to you with no additional shipping costs. All packages are microwave friendly, so you only have to heat your food. What’s more, the plan is personalized as per your needs and you can also select from the pounds you want to shed. All this simplifies weight reduction significantly.

Supports weight loss at your pace

Another plus is that you pick the deal that aligns with your weight loss goals. So, if you want to shed 18 pounds, you can pick the plan that helps you do that. However, if you prefer a slower pace, you can select another available option. In that way, you have a lot under your control as you avail this plan.

It is a personalized plan

Lastly, this meal plan does not adopt a one size fits all solution. There is a plan for men, there is one for patients with diabetes, and so on. This makes the program effective and helps people in the best way possible. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that the plans are not for kids under the age of 14, pregnant women, and people with chronic illness.

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Nutrisystem Cost, Promo Codes, Discounts and Money Back Guarantee

Each program offered by Nutrisystem is up for grabs at slightly different pricing. But the main thing is that each plan offers three different packages, which makes your choice flexible and you can pick the deal that suits you the best. If you are looking for Nutrisystem promo codes with the most savings, click here.

That said, you have the option of a refund. Typically, meal plans such as this one don’t offer this money back option. But the team behind this meal plan takes a step ahead and gives you a 14-day money back guarantee.

So, in case you are satisfied with the food, you can return it at full cost minus the shipping charges – those will be on you. However, the odds of needing a refund are low typically. Because, this isn’t a one size fits all plan. Instead, it is a personalized one that you pick according to your preferences and goals.

Having covered all that, it is important to note that there are no shipping charges on you. You get FedEx delivery with this plan, which delivers food in pre-packages, microwave friendly packings.

On top of that, there is currently a discount in place – you get 7 free probiotic shakes which help you boost your immunity and optimize your health. To sweeten this deal further, there is a limited time Stay at Home Sale, which offers 50% off. This makes sense you rush your order if you are interested so you can avail the discount.

Nutrisystem Reviews Final Verdict: Highly Recommended

All in all, Nutrisystem is a weight loss meal plan that delivers pre-packaged diet-friendly foods in microwave oven packaging to your doorstep. You only have to pick the deal that suits you the best and get on track of weight loss. It is our most highly recommended weight loss meal plans company on the internet.

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