Talk it out: Ahem . . . Today is Valentine’s Day. What are your plans? Or have you forgotten?

February 14, 2018 GMT

Talk it out: Ahem . . . Today is Valentine’s Day. What are your plans? Or have you forgotten?

It’s Valentine’s Day, in case you need reminding. And that means showing your significant other how much you care.

This is non-negotiable.

Studies have shown that more people break up because one or the other forgets about them on Valentine’s Day.

OK. We made that up.

But seriously, you do not want to drop the ball on Valentine’s Day. It may be run by a racket promoted by the card and candy companies, but, at least the Russians aren’t involved.

Or are they?

So, what do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?

Have you already stopped by Malley’s for a box of chocolates? Or perhaps you’ve picked up a card from CVS. Maybe you are going all out and taking your sweetie to dinner? In Little Italy? That’s amore!

However you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day is your business, just don’t be that guy who forgets altogether and runs to the grocery store at the last minute for a bouquet of flowers and has to settle for two wilted tulips and a crumpled carnation.

Maybe you’re an old hand at Valentine’s Day. If so, share with us how you do it.

What are your suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day? What was your most memorable Valentine’s Day? Or maybe the day brings up bad memories. In that case, you can commiserate here in the comment section.

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