Trio face charges for bringing drugs into DCI

December 6, 2018 GMT

JUNEAU — Three inmates at Dodge Correctional Institute are facing felony charges for allegedly bringing cocaine and heroin into the maximum-security facility.

Matthew Loverude, 34, Matthew Newton, 24, and Tremaine Rogers, 20, face felony charges of party to a crime of manufacturing or delivering heroin, as a repeater. In addition, Rogers faces party to a crime of manufacturing or delivering cocaine as a repeater and misdemeanor charges of possession of cocaine and marijuana as a repeater. Loverude also is charged with a felony of manufacturing or delivering cocaine as a repeater.

According to the criminal complaint, Rogers’ cell was searched Aug. 11. Three white balloons containing cocaine, heroin and marijuana were found in one of his boots. Rogers confessed to having the drug and said he said he got the drugs from another inmate, who was identified as Loverude. He also implicated Newton. Newton also said he purchased the drugs through Loverude, but said that Loverude had purchased the drugs through Rogers.


Loverude was convicted of drug possession in a 2016 Eau Claire County case.

Newton and Loverude have initial hearings scheduled on Jan. 24. Rogers will appear during an inmate video for his initial appearance, which has yet to be scheduled.