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Jeremy Renner’s child support increases

April 17, 2018 GMT

Jeremy Renner has been told to pay more child support.

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ star and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheo had already agreed that their five-year-old daughter Ava would receive $13,000 per month from her father, and five per cent of anything else he earns on top of his yearly salary of $2.3 million due to him being named an “extraordinary high income earner” in court documents.

TMZ now reports that the former couple have signed a new deal since the five per cent has increased significantly, because of the actor’s recent career success with ‘The Avengers’ franchise.

However, there will be a limit of $200,000 per annum on what their little girl will receive at present.

Once Ava turns 27, in 2040, she will have access to an investment fund where any additional sums of money will have been banked to support their offspring’s future.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old Hollywood star previously said he’s keen for his daughter to “experience adversity” so she will be prepared for anything that life may throw at her.

He explained: “I think my job as a father is make it impossible for her to find the version of a man that I will show her. That’s my job every day. To be consistent, like the stone in the garden. Sometimes it sucks to be the stone but you need to be there. I want to impart self-assuredness, confidence.

“How to find beauty in herself and how to problem solve and overcome things ... I want to put her in front of things and have the experience where she has to make decisions. I want her to experience adversity because I think struggle is so important.”

The ‘Wind River’ star also previously admitted he’d like to have seven more children.

He said: “I’d like to have eight [kids] running around. A gaggle, a little clan. But at this point, that’s not in my future.”