Manafort’s bookkeeper unaware of foreign accounts

August 2, 2018 GMT

Heather Washkuhn, a bookkeeper for Paul Manafort, testified Thursday she was “not aware” of the former Trump campaign chairman’s overseas bank accounts.

Ms. Washkuhn, a managing partner at financial firm Nigro Karlin Segal Feldstein Bolno, also told jurors that Mr. Manafort was “very detail-oriented” and approved of “every penny of everything we paid.”

That testimony is crucial because it challenges Mr. Manafort’s portrayal of himself as a man too busy to manage his personal finances that he got duped by former right-hand man Rick Gates.

Ms. Washkuhn was asked about a foreign loan as well as the names of foreign shell companies linked to Mr. Manafort, but said she wasn’t familiar with those dealings, despite tracking Mr. Manafort’s income.

She said she would like to have seen these accounts because as Mr. Manafort’s bookkeeper, she needed “a full set of financial records.”