Early detection is the best detection for breast cancer

October 1, 2016

In the field of breast cancer research, those six words remain the go-to, tried-and-true point of reference for patients and clinicians. Now, one of the latest tools in detecting breast cancer early — 3-D tomosynthesis — will become available at The Breast Center at Floyd this fall.

Genius 3-D Mammography uses tomographic technology to produce 3-D views of breast tissue and is especially useful for women with dense breast tissue. Traditional 2-D mammograms take a single X-ray of each breast view and have been a very effective breast cancer screening tool for decades.

Three-dimensional mam­mography takes multiple images of breast tissue from many different angles with the X-ray tube moving in an arc across the breast. These images are then digitally synthesized to create 3-D images.

Adding this third-dimension gives radiologists the opportunity to see cancers that hide behind dense breast tissue and gives them a better view of all breast tissue, said Dan Phillips, a radiologist with Rome Radiology Group. The technology also reduces the frequency of false-positives, reducing the number of patients who are asked to return for a second mammogram to give additional views of their breast tissue, he said.

Aimee Griffin, director of The Breast Center, said the Genius 3-D Mammography is a complement to the comprehensive approach to breast examinations at The Breast Center.

When breast cancer is found early, more treatment options are available. In fact, the five-year survival rate for patients whose breast cancer is diagnosed in the early stages is 100 percent.

“Our new 3-D Genius capability promotes our central theme of empowering our patients with knowledge,” Griffin said. “One in eight women will have breast cancer during her lifetime, and while that diagnosis can be terrifying, we are committed to providing women with every possible tool to assist in finding breast cancer at its earliest stage.

“There is empowerment in knowing your current breast health status. And, there is empowerment in having a plan to take care of your health now and in the future.”

Since its founding eight years ago, The Breast Center has focused on this first-in-region approach to quality breast health care, which is complemented by genetic counseling and testing for high-risk patients and a survivors program that addresses the unique health concerns of patients who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and completed their surgical care.

“Our entire program is built around knowledge,” Griffin said. “If a patient knows her body and all of her risk factors, we can develop a personalized and comprehensive plan that is right for her.”

Griffin believes 3-D Mammography, coupled with their Know in 24 promise of providing results within 24 hours, The Breast Center is able to combat one of the biggest obstacles to routine breast care — fear.

“We have many women who come to us from a place of fear,” Griffin says. “Our goal is for them to walk out with absolute confidence and knowledge about what they need to do and how they can protect themselves.”

For more information about Genius 3-D Mammography and The Breast Center at Floyd, contact The Breast Center at 706-509-6840.