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Military Reveals Arson, Bombing Plot during Marcos’ Last Days With AM-Philippines

March 6, 1986 GMT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Military units loyal to Ferdinand E. Marcos planned a series of bombings, arson and murders last month so he could declare martial law and prolong his 20-year rule, the official news agency said Thursday.

Quoting military intelligence sources it did not identify, the Philippine News Agency said the plot was frustrated by the military rebellion and civilian uprising that forced Marcos to leave the country Feb. 26. It was code-named ″Operation Everlasting,″ the agency said.

It said the plan was devised Jan. 25 By the National Intelligence and Security Agency, which President Corazon Aquino has abolished. The agency was headed by Gen. Fabian C. Ver, Marcos’ armed forces commander and long-time confidant, who fled with him.

Reformist military officers intercepted seven truckloads of firearms, explosives and ammunition as they were about to leave an arms depot at Camp Aguinaldo on Feb. 21, a day before Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Lt. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos, the deputy military commander, led a military rebellion, the agency said.

The arms and explosives were bound for the security agency’s office on the presidential palace grounds and apparently were intended for the plotters, according to the agency report. It did not name the intended targets of the terrorism campaign.

Jan. 25, the date of the alleged plan, fell during the last stages of the campaign for the Feb. 7 election, when it was becoming clear that Mrs. Aquino had a good chance of winning. The National Assembly declared Marcos the winner, despite widespread charges of fraud, precipitating the military-civil revolt that drove him from power.