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Ground brorken for I-40 Connector Project

November 10, 2016 GMT

NEEDLES — Ground being broken for the I-40 connector project on Oct. 31 means the project is steadily moving forward. Since 2005 the city of Needles has talked about making the project a possibility. At one point the project was to include the Broadway bridge but that part of the plan became too costly and had to be taken out.

“The I-40 connector project is meant to alleviate the traffic brought in by the tourists so that the locals of our community can safely and quickly get to and from where they need to be,” said Vice Mayor Jeff Williams during the ground breaking ceremony for the I-40 connector project. “This project will also create curbs, sidewalks for people to safely walk on the side of the road, make the road wider for semi-trucks to be able to turn safely, it will add three lights that have red, yellow and green not just a blinking red light and much more.”

The first stop light of the three will be located at the intersection of North K Street, Needles Highway and River road. The second light will be located at the intersection of North Street, Needles Highway and West Broadway and the third light will be at the intersection of West Broadway and J Street. The project is being funded with federal (SANBAG) and state (Caltrans) money and is budgeted in the 2016-17 city budget.

Hal Hays construction company will take on the project with a bid of $3,642,881.00. Once the project gets started it’s expected to take around 150-180 construction days for it to be completed.