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Lud Vegas event to benefit Habitiat for Humanity

April 20, 2018 GMT

The fourth annual Lud Vegas event will be held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday at Lincoln Hills Golf Club, 1527 N. Lakeshore Drive, and plans to have something for everyone.

“We will have a lot of the standard games — craps, blackjack, poker. We do have some slot machines, and we do have a high roller area this year. So we will have a couple of the games separate,” said Habitat for Humanity of Mason County Executive Director and coordinator of the event Jamie Healy.

Professional dealers will be in charge of the table games and will be there to help those who haven’t played casino games before.


“It’s one of those events that I think everybody should experience,” Healy said. “This event is pretty outfitted for everyone. Again, we have so much to do outside of playing the games, and if you don’t know how to play the games, it’s fun to learn … It’s a really safe environment to just have a good time. There’s no risk with the money, and it’s just a fun event.”

In addition to gambling, different types of entertainment, food and beverages will also be available.

“We have a lot of entertainers, so that value is added to the evening. We have a character artist — we do ask for a donation for that and then we have a live artist,” Healy said. “(The live artist) is pretty incredible in the sense that when she started her painting last year … it looked like it was going to be a sunset and it almost looked like a city scene … it was really cool. You can sit and watch her paint during the event. We have a belly dancer (and) a fire dancer. Elvis will, of course, be there and we’ve got a card trick guy.”

Tickets are $55 for a single standard ticket or $100 for a couple, which includes entry into the event, $125 of playing chips and draft beer.

High-roller tickets are $80 for a single and $150 for a couple, which gets you additional perks.

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“(The perks include) $350 worth of playing chips (and) access to the high-roller room. In the high-roller room, we will have wine available as well (and they) will have their own area for snacks. There’s a lounge area in there, and they will have their own waitress,” Healy said.

Lud Vegas is the one fundraising event hosted by Habitat.

“(We) want it to be that unique — when you think of Lud Vegas, you think of Habitat,” Healy said. “The money that’s raised goes to helping different programming that we do (including) helping families in Mason County with their housing needs.”

Last year’s Lud Vegas raised more than $8,500.

“We’ve exceeded last year’s amount,” Healy said. “Ticket sales have gone very well and we are getting close to selling out.”

To purchase tickets, visit www.masoncountyhabitat.org and click on the events tab or contact Jamie Healy at (231) 843-7888.

Patrons must be 21 or older to attend the event.