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Ryan Reynolds recorded R-rated lines for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

May 8, 2019 GMT

Ryan Reynolds recorded R-rated lines for ‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ - but they didn’t make it to the final cut.

The 42-year-old actor stars as the voice of the titular yellow creature in the fantasy mystery movie, and has said that acting for the role saw him try so many different variations of the scripts jokes, some of which came out a little less child friendly than intended.

He said: A whole bunch of us took passes on the script. I also took a pass on the script. We all got to kind of shape it the way we wanted. I got to make sure that the voice sort of worked the way I think could work for me. Inevitably I’m at the mercy of the filmmakers.


“But it’s motion capture, so it’s all imagination. You go into a room, I’m alone basically ... and then it’s just throwing like 800 versions of any joke or any moment up against a wall and leaving it to some poor editor to sort of figure out ... Some things would come out a little PG-13, bordering on Rated R. That stuff didn’t make it.”

But Ryan insists the best part of making the movie was being able to “push” the boundaries of acceptable comedy.

He added: “The great thing about this world is that you can be totally edgy and totally push it, and still stay within the boundaries of a movie that you can take little kids to and adults. That was the trick.”

The star still wants to see the film reimagined as an R-rated flick though, especially if Pikachu was placed in a gritty crime drama such as ‘Goodfellas’.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, he said: “I think if you could remake a Pikachu version of ‘Mean Streets’, that might be kind of fun. Or ‘Goodfellas’.”