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Tend to housekeeping details

May 5, 2018

JEANERETTE — A special meeting was held Thursday for the Jeanerette Board of Aldermen to cover topics ranging from diligence in responding to past audits to resolutions that would make for a more efficient government.

First on the agenda was a response to the 2015 Draft of Audit Response.

The year 2015 is the first of three years the city of Jeanerette is responsible for reporting after state officials found the city negligent in reporting three years worth of financial records. David Greer, who has been appointed the fiscal administrator for the city, said the municipality is moving forward.

“My response to the CPA firm Garrety and Associates was that we are working on fixing all the issues that they found in the report,” Greer said. “Thirty thousand dollars was paid for the cost of the audit. This moves us forward in getting the remaining audits completed.”

Three resolutions also were on the agenda, the first to execute a cooperative endeavor agreement between the city of Jeanerette and the Iberia Parish Government to provide help to the city of Jeanerette.

“This is a standard cooperative shared-use agreement that they (Iberia Parish) will provide services and equipment.” Greer said.

Jeanerette Mayor Aprill Foulcard said some of the city’s needs have been addressed by Iberia Parish President Larry Richard. Foulcard said since a cooperative agreement had not been in place, Richard would have to seek approval from Iberia Parish Council members each time assistance was made.

“Technically, under the law, they are not supposed to pledge anything of value without an agreement,” Greer said.

The aldermen unanimously voted to approve the resolution.

Another resolution addressing a change in personnel policy called for all city employees to be paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Currently, employees are paid on both a semi-monthly and bi-weekly basis, causing the city to have a weekly payroll. Under the resolution, salaried employees must make a one-time adjustment to their pay and then continue.

The new pay schedule would allow employees to receive 26 checks per year. The resolution was approved unanimously.

The final resolution called for a new contract to deal with the upkeep of sewer and lift stations.

“To make sure that we have good competent licensed individuals to operate and maintain the sewer and lift stations this contract is recommended, “ Greer said.

The alderman voted to approve a contract with Statewide Electrical Services LLC.

Barry Segura, spokesman for the company, said he would be willing to take on the requested duties of painting and grass cutting along with the electrical and mechanical upkeep of the sewer and lift stations. The city’s public works employees handle the operations of the lift stations now.

The new company said it would provide a check on the sewer and 29 lift stations twice a day, seven days a week, four to six hours a day and be on call 24/7.

Statewide Electrical Services LLC also included in its contract a list of Department of Environmental Quality requirements for which it would be responsible.

The 12-month contract with Statewide Electrical Services will cost the city of Jeanerette $9,000 a month. If for any reason city officials aren’t pleased with services they can cancel the contract with a 90-day notice.

Alderman Charles Williams made a motion that the city enter into the contract with amendments made to provide grass cutting and painting as part of the service. Alderman Garland Bourgeois second the motion. It was approved unanimously.

The mayor and aldermen then went into executive session to discuss personnel matters.