Senator who lost re-election bid lands job with Platte Institute

December 3, 2018 GMT

LINCOLN - A state senator who lost her re-election bid has accepted a job with the Platte Institute.

Senator Laura Ebke of Crete will become the new Senior Fellow for Job Licensing Reform, giving her the opportunity to follow-up on legislation she pushed through the Unicameral requiring the legislature to continually review the state’s nearly 200 job licenses.

“Their vision for what we can do with occupational licensing is positive,” Ebke tells Nebraska Radio Network. “I think the network of folks that they’ve got that they’re connected with around the country; this will give me an opportunity I think to help other legislators around the country implement things like this, too.”


Ebke acknowledges she’s disappointed she didn’t win re-election, but believes the new position makes for a good fit.

Ebke says this might not mean a complete exit out of politics.

“I’m not one that ever says never, but I feel like I’ve turned a page here and moving into some other area,” Ebke says. “We’ll see what happens sometime in the future.”

Legislative Bill 299, also known as the Occupational Board Reform Act sponsored by Ebke, requires legislative committees to review a fifth of the job licenses under their jurisdiction each year to complete a review of all job licenses every five years.

Job licensing reform has attracted attention nationally and has been identified as a priority by both the Obama and Trump Administrations.