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May is National Beef Month

May 3, 2018 GMT

LINCOLN - May is National Beef Month, a time to celebrate the community of farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to raise safe and nutritious beef that is enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Nebraska Beef Council Executive Director Ann Marie Bosshamer says there’s a lot to be optimistic about U.S. and particularly Nebraska beef globally.

Bosshamer says Nebraska beef has a stellar reputation with international customers, and is the second largest export state in the U.S.

“For four years in a row now we have more than a billion dollars beef exports, which is truly tremendous. Just from Nebraska alone there’s over $1.26-billion exported” Bosshamer said.

“Number one is Japan, and then we have South Korea, as well the European Union, Mexico, Hong Kong, and China” Bosshammer added.

She says part of what makes Nebraska beef so desirable to the international market is the corn fed flavor and superior genetics of the cattle.

For more information on Nebraska beef go to the website NeBeef.org.