California shooting still under investigation

February 18, 2017 GMT

California police plan to file charges against several people after a large party at a fraternity house that broke up when a weapon was brandished and shots were fired.Police were called about 12:15 a.m. Feb. 4 to the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity house for a report of large party and a man who reportedly was brandishing a gun inside the crowded basement of the house at 600 Wood St., causing about 200 people who were reportedly inside to flee and run down Lemoyne Way.As the partygoers ran from the house, a gun was fired several times, police said. Borough police were in the area and immediately responded after hearing the gunfire.When police arrived, they saw several people who appeared to be with the crowd leaving the party and took them into custody, believing they were responsible for the shooting. Less than a half block away from the party, police said they caught Brandon Matthew Bane, 20, of Fredericktown, and Nico Scott Brown, 19, of Richeyville, following a brief foot chase that began when the two men ran after seeing a police cruiser. They will be charged with attempting to flee apprehension, underage drinking and disorderly conduct, police said.Police were given descriptions of a man wearing a white, hooded shirt and khaki pants and a man dressed in black as two who ran down Lemoyne Way at the time of the shooting. Callers to 911 also reported seeing a black Dodge sedan in the area.On Seventh Street, about two blocks from the fraternity house, police stopped a vehicle with several people inside. Taken into custody were Josh Patterson, 20, of Pittsburgh, and a 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old boy, both from Pittsburgh. All three appeared to have been drinking, police said.The three told police they were in town “for the party” and girls but could not tell police where the party had been. All three will be charged with underage drinking. The 16-year-old also will be charged in a juvenile allegation with possession of a controlled substance after police say he was found with Xanax pills. He reportedly told police he bought them at the party from a woman for $50.Police stopped a black Dodge sedan on Sixth Street, about two blocks from the party, but decided it was not involved in the incident.Police said they plan to charge Benjamin Michael Morton, 20, of Pittsburgh, who is the president of AKL fraternity, with violating the borough’s disorderly house ordinance.The charges will be filed at the office of District Judge Joshua Kanalis.Police are still looking for information on the shooter and continue to interview witnesses as they are identified. Anyone with information on the incident is urged to call police at 724-938-3233 or call 911 and ask to speak with a California officer.