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TODAY: Ojeda suspends presidential campaign

January 26, 2019
Richard Ojeda
Richard Ojeda

Weeks after resigning his seat in the West Virginia State Senate, 2020 presidential candidate hopeful Richard Ojeda announced he has suspended his campaign.

On Jan. 9, Ojeda, from Logan, West Virginia, announced his intentions to officially step down from the Senate. About a week later, Gov. Jim Justice made quick work of replacing the legislator, selecting Paul Hardesty, a lobbyist whose clients include several companies owned by the Justice family, to serve the remainder of Ojeda’s term.

On Friday afternoon, Ojeda posted a message to his supporters on his Facebook page announcing his decision to suspend his campaign.

“Today I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people who have supported and believed in this campaign. The indications were very positive from an overwhelming response to our videos, to thousands of volunteers, and a level of grassroots fundraising support that grew every day. However, the last thing I want to do is accept money from people who are struggling for a campaign that does not have the ability to compete,” Ojeda wrote.

“When I was a child my grade school teachers told us all that anyone in America could grow up and become President. I now realize that this is not the case. Unless someone has extreme wealth or holds influence and power it just isn’t true.”

Ojeda said he plans to continue highlighting the issues the working class, the sick and the elderly face.

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