Lily James unsure of marriage

January 7, 2019 GMT

Lily James doesn’t know if she wants to get married.

The ‘Cinderella’ actress has been in a relationship with ‘The Crown’ star Matt Smith for around five years and she admits her feelings about tying the knot constantly change.

She said: “I’ve gone through different phases of wanting and not wanting to get married. I don’t know where I sit with it now. What matters is the relationship and how you feel about each other.”

Though the 29-year-old beauty didn’t want to discuss any plans to have children, she admitted she believes the “most important thing” in life is to share it with a family.

After Matt previously admitted he wants to start a family, Lily was asked if she would too and told the Sunday Times Style magazine: “I’m definitely not answering that. But I come from the most incredible family, so that means a lot to me. Eventually, sharing your life with a family is the most important thing.”


The couple currently rent a house in North London and though they are keen to “settle” in the city, the former ‘Downton Abbey’ star wants to relocate to the countryside eventually.

She said: “I do like looking at houses. London is so full-on, eventually I’d like to have a little place in the country. But that’s a few years away. I want to settle here first.”

After a hectic period in her career, the ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ actress recently took six months off and had a great time relaxing with her friends.

She said: “I’ve been slacking a bit. I live in north London, where there are some of the best pubs, and I like to go out and dance every so often.

“I just went out to Rowans, the bowling alley in Finsbury Park with karaoke booths, for a friend’s birthday and did some very bad singing of Cher songs with my mates. I’ve been in a long phase of not looking after myself, so now I’m getting myself together again.”