Warmer weather a couple of days away for the Pee Dee

January 6, 2018 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – Pee Dee residents probably have one more day of slick roads and two more mornings of dangerously cold temperatures before they get a break from the arctic cold and the snowstorm it fueled.

Overnight lows Saturday morning and Sunday morning are forecast to be in the lower teens for Florence, but the temperature will warm into the lower 20s Monday morning before temperatures climb into the lower 50s for the day and remain above freezing Monday and Tuesday nights.

The morning’s cold forecast was cited in the Florence City Center Farmer’s Market’s decision to close Saturday, and road conditions were cited as a reason the Legwarmers for Literacy 5K and half-marathon was called off.


Sunny skies, temperatures that climbed into the mid-30s and South Carolina Department of Transportation crews worked wonders Friday on many Pee Dee roads melting what was slush and turning many still-icy areas into slush.

Many roads around Florence that don’t regularly get sun, though, remained ice covered throughout the day Friday.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Cpl. Sonny Collins, who patrols the Pee Dee, said main roadways across the region were in good condition throughout Friday, though secondary roads remain a concern.

“We’ve had several crashes on back roads that don’t get as much traffic throughout the day,” he said. “Some spots are completely shaded, so the sun can’t reach the ice to melt it.”

Collins said these rural highways probably will remain dangerous through the weekend. Drivers should take these roads with caution and shouldn’t underestimate small patches of ice.

“We’ll have this cycle of thaw and refreeze, and until that stops the back roads will be tricky for drivers,” he said. “I would tell people to slow down when coming up to areas in the shade and be aware that some spots are still slick.”

As of Friday evening, the transportation listed the U.S. 52 connector as partially covered with snow and ice, U.S. 76 and U.S. 301 with slush in places, U.S. 378 with ice in places, S.C. 327 as partially covered with snow and ice and many secondary roads as covered in snow and ice.

As of Friday, the department reported it had 633 employees actively involved in storm-related road maintenance and they had spread 7,174 tons of salt, 595 tons of sand, sprayed 62,496 gallons of calcium chloride brine and 246,285 of salt (sodium chloride) brine and had 275 pieces of equipment in use.