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‘I am Wrath’ starring John Travolta now on DVD and Blu-ray

August 6, 2016 GMT

He’s come a long way since he first caught our attention in the sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter” (1975-1979). John Travolta has been an ever-evolving actor playing everything from a bumbling high school student, a hard working cowboy (“Urban Cowboy”), a misguided angel (“Michael”), a singing woman (“Hairspray”) and even a mid-life biker (“Wild Hogs”).

In “I am Wrath,” John Travolta takes on a hard shell as a former black-ops operative who is now living a happy suburban life with his wife. He has a married daughter and a grandson. But when his wife is killed in front of him, Stanley, a seemingly-docile man, returns to his old ways to hunt down the killers and get justice.

Why did the police refuse to charge the killer after he positively identified him in a lineup? That is something that haunts Stanley, and he decides to take matters in his own hands, literally. He joins with his former partner Dennis (Christopher Meloni) to get intel on the killers and hunt them down.

While they are on their mission, there are plenty of others who get in their way and they are quickly dealt with. Needless to say, this duo leaves a trail of bodies in their wake.

But there is something haunting Stanley beyond the brutal death of his wife. Why was she killed? This senseless murder doesn’t make sense. Was it because of his background? Was someone hunting him? What is going on?

Dennis and Stanley make a great team and the two actors portraying them are engaging to watch together. Even while killing the bad guys, they are entertaining, albeit completely professional.

There are shades of the 1974 Charles Bronson film “Death Wish” in this story, however it is definitely not a remake of that movie. Travolta is interesting to watch as a haunted man who turns back into a killing machine. Apparently his muscle memory is in tact.

And let’s not forget Meloni who supplies a lot of support for Travolta in muscle power as well as off-the-cuff comedic remarks. They are quite a team.

In the end Stanley finally learns the reason behind the murder and when the murderer is taken care of – that’s double talk for killed – Stanley is not finished. There is someone else he has to confront.

This is definitely a bloody film, but one with heart. That’s an interesting combination, but it works well in this movie.

The bonus feature on the Blu-ray, which was released July 26, is simply a deeper look at the story.