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County finalizes separation agreement with administrator

December 3, 2016 GMT

Sauk County Board Chair Marty Krueger said Friday morning that a separation agreement between the county and its highest ranking administrator has been finalized.

During a committee meeting, Krueger said the county had received word that Administrative Coordinator Renae Fry had accepted the agreement, and that her employment would end as of 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

Reached by phone Friday afternoon, Fry’s attorney confirmed Krueger’s account.

“That’s my understanding is that we’ve reached an agreement with the county and it’s going to be executed very soon,” said Baraboo attorney Nicole Marklein Bacher.

The board voted Nov. 21 to approve a separation agreement with Fry after a two-hour closed session discussion. The county’s attorney, Corporation Counsel Todd Liebman, has declined to release documents involving the matter, including a list of complaints against Fry.

Krueger sent an email to his 31 fellow supervisors Friday to inform them that the deal had been approved, but did not supply them with a copy of the agreement.

A Baraboo supervisor said Friday he wants to make sure the final version of the deal has not deviated from what the board approved nearly two weeks ago.

In an email to Krueger and Sauk County Clerk Becky Evert, Supervisor Peter Vedro asked for details about the final version of the agreement.

“If any modifications were made to that agreement which may cost the county more than what was approved in the original agreement, the whole board should have to approve those modifications,” Vedro said in a phone interview Friday afternoon.

Fry would be the second county administrator to leave under a separation agreement since June. A document released by the county shows that her predecessor, former Interim Administrative Coordinator Brentt Michalek, signed a deal in which he was paid to resign.

Vedro also is asking for a neutral third party to review the county’s hiring and firing of agency administrators.

In his email to Krueger, Vedro requested that the board consider at its next meeting whether to form a special committee. The committee would hire an outside agency to review the county’s processes and practices in such matters.

Krueger had not responded to an inquiry about Vedro’s requests as of press time Friday.